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Launching soon! Can Plymio be the for UK?

With the advent of numerous flash sales and daily deal sites post GroupOn era, how do you differentiate yourselves from run of the mill brands? Plymio launching soon in the UK is hoping to answer this question.

Plymio is a daily deal, group deal or flash sales all in one website. London based founder Rahul Jerome says, the idea is to sort of replicate what have done in the US, we will bring talented UK designers and consumers to a single platform but the model would be a tad different. He adds that apart from bringing discounted designer goods to UK consumers, we will create a niche within the flash sales domain by specialising in accessories from fashion to electronics. Some of the products you will find on the website will include shoes, branded clothing, mobile phones, sunglasses, shoes and apparel.

The site is looking to go live by end of May in time for the English summer. Rahul hopes that Plymio will set itself apart from its competitors by incorporating an interesting business model. As the slogan suggests ‘Shopping isn’t just buying’, Plymio hopes to provide an awesome buyer experience and feel good factor about shopping from them. How would this be achieved? Well, for every product purchased by a customer, a percentage would go to a chosen charity with the customer being informed of how much amount would be donated. Customers can vote for charities close to their heart on Plymio’s Facebook page every month. Rahul adds that ‘ we will conduct a poll every month for our fans to choose their favourite charity based on 3 categories -1)Local 2) National and 3) International.

They hope to make a difference to the world in a small way and want their customers to feel good by contributing indirectly in making the world a better place to live. Rahul says that ‘we will be throwing all sorts of freebies, deeply discounted deals, free vouchers etc to have customers keep coming back to our site’. Plymio is currently running a free iPad sweepstake on their Facebook fan page. Sign up here One of the other differentiators is our refund policy, a 60-day refund policy something that is unheard of in the daily deal business. The customer is free to return any product purchased, no questions asked within their 60 day money back guarantee.

Plymio has already amassed thousands of sing ups even before launch through social media. With the huge array of products on offer, the charity-inclusive product sales and the 60-day refund policy, is about to take the flash sales sector by storm.

If you are a designer and looking to sell your products via Plymio, please email the team at

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Daily deal sites are changing the way people shop!

Due to the challenging work pressure and hectic lifestyle that is prevalent all over, people no longer have the time to go to shops and buy the latest products and services. For this reason the online shopping industry is growing rapidly across every divide of life. It doesn’t matter the age or social status, just about everyone prefers to buy from online retailers.

One reason why we have all been drawn in into this is because it is highly convenient. You only need to click a few buttons and the product will be shipped to you. With the vast nature of the internet, it is very easy to find what one is looking for without having to move around all day searching shopping shelves. To make it even more interesting, more and more of these sites now offer daily deals. With this a customer has the chance of buying a product within the specified time frame at a highly reduced rate. Due to this, many people have benefited greatly and as such, the normal shopping sites have started seeing reduced patronage.

Most of these deal sites offer unbelievable deals or discount coupon on goods or services every 24 to 48 hours. The hugely discounted offers are displayed on the website all through the promotional period. As the industry has blossomed, retailers and service providers have increasingly come to the conclusion that this is the best way to sell their offering; it’s faster and has massive customer reach potential.

These sites are numerous and they have different modes of operation. All you need to do is find one that offers deals in your city and sign up with them. When they have a deal, they will send a notification to your mailbox. It’s then left for you to take action on the deal. Some of the sites may not send mails though; they will request that you visit the site manually to see what they have on offer.

Daily deal sites are a very nice way to save a lot of money. Do you agree with us?

Let us know your thoughts on daily deal or flash sales sites and your experiences shopping with them?

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